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Dr Joe's Testimonials

He cured our little girl

"He cured our little girl's eczema in a week. Awesome doctor."

Eczema patient’s father

She has had eczema since she was 13 years old

"She has had eczema since she was 13 years old (now 23) and to see her without anything on her to scratch is wonderful. She is feeling great and a lot more confident."

Eczema patient’s mother

It’s been two days following Dr Joe’s treatment plan

"It's been two days following Dr Joe's treatment plan and my son's eczema is already improving dramatically. My son is feeling like a million bucks because he is noticing his skin is getting better."

Trudz Korewha

I took my 6 month old baby girl to see Dr Joe

"I took my 6 month old baby girl to see Dr Joe yesterday, her face was red and looked inflamed, today her skin is at least 80% better on day 1. I'm feeling more positive about my baby's eczema now." 

Eczema patient’s mother

Thank you Dr Joe, not even a week and she looks better

13-07-2015-Karmen -Tamarua "Thank you Dr Joe, not even a week and my baby looks remarkably better. My family and I can't thank you enough."

Karmen Tamarua

So excited went armed with book to doctors

"So excited went armed with book to doctors with my daughter as her support person.  The doctor had a look and explained how this would treat her, she then went across to the chemist to ask if he would make it up, turns out he watched the programme on TV and was keen to give it a go."

Ngawiki Te Kani

OMG overnight results

"OMG overnight results bring tears to my eyes. From angry dark red to pink and clear in some areas. Tears of joy right here. This summer she will be able to wear summer clothes. Where were you 19 years ago?" 

Ngawiki Te Kani

First time that our boy has slept right through

"Since starting Dr Joe's treatment plan it is the first time that our boy has slept right through the night without scratching or waking up with blood in his finger nails. I fully understand what foods trigger his eczema flare ups and I feel like I am in control of it now. Thank you Dr Joe for what you have done for our little boy and our family. You deserve so much recognition for what you have done to help so many others."

Paula Leota

Have had the book for about 4 weeks and following the plan

"We have had the book for about 4 weeks and following the plan. Within days the eczema had all gone from daughter's body. She looks great and has her confidence back. Massive thank you to Dr Williams for putting the book out there so it can be followed. After 13 years of stress and you all know what that is like watching our poor sufferers, this is the most amazing thing we have been able to do and so easy to follow. Thanks again, and to all those out there, get the book now and turn your life around. Best book I have ever bought."

Lesley Davies

We travelled up from Wellington to see Dr Williams

"We travelled up from Wellington to see Dr Williams.  What an amazing experience from the packed waiting room to the beautiful compassionate nature of Dr Williams. We have already seen a difference, quite amazing." 

Anne Abbott

After 20 years of trying to manage my eczema I have finally found a treatment that works

"After 20 years of trying to manage my eczema I have finally found a treatment that has given me long term relief thanks to Dr Joe Williams of Auckland. Like many others who have suffered from mild to chronic forms of eczema that are now on the treatment plan I can say without doubt it has changed my life and my health 100%. I am now able to sleep without being woken by the itching that causes you to tear at your skin and leave you so fatigued and miserable day after day. My experience is that after only 3 days of starting on the plan I have not suffered the debilitating effects of eczema that I had struggled with in the past. My recommendation to any sufferer of eczema is to purchase Dr Joe Williams' book then visit him for a consultation. The real test of his plan is being able to eliminate the food groups from your diet that he identifies as the likely causes of allergies which trigger the eczema bouts. That along with his blend of orthodox medicinal creams, antihistamines, specific soap and moisturisers have given me relief I never thought was possible. However he recommends that the diet restrictions should be maintained for 6 months then one at a time a food group is reintroduced to your diet maybe every 3 weeks to identify which ones will cause a flare up of the eczema. It is now 2 months that I have been on the plan and I have only had 3 minor flare ups due to not maintaining the diet. It's not easy but considering the benefits you are able to achieve in a short time it is totally worth the sacrifice. There are many sufferers of eczema who have been going to GP's for years without ever getting much relief for their symptoms and like me would have a cupboard full of ointments and creams that have been no help at all. So get the book then go and see him. It's worth every cent compared to the hundreds if not thousands you've spent on your condition over many years. Dr Joe tenei ake te mihi kia koe e te rangatira. Nau te takoha nui i whiwhi ai ahau te oranga pai mo toku tinana. Dr Joe because of your immense knowledge of eczema that you have studied tirelessly for many decades I am one of many beneficiaries grateful to you for giving me back control of my health, wellbeing."

Matariki Ruion Kelly Turuwhenua

I am 54 years old and suffered all my life scratching myself to pieces

"I am 54 years old and suffered all my life scratching myself to pieces, full body weeping eczema, done all the GP treatments they never worked. I went to see Dr Joe Williams and within one week my itch is gone. Within one month I have normal skin. I am overwhelmed and owe my mental emotional and physical wellbeing to Dr Joe Williams." 

Gaelene Burton

Wonderful doctor took my daughter there 3 years ago

"Wonderful doctor took my daughter there 3 years ago and his cream did miracles for my girl who had really bad eczema thank you so much. My daughter's skin is smoother and more beautiful than ever." 

Carol Ahdar

Mothers seek no further

"Mothers seek no further this doctor and his treatment for eczema really works. Thanks Dr Joe you're the man." 

Fia Alolua

I stand by Dr Williams’ treatment for eczema

"I stand by Dr Williams' treatment for eczema. My daughter was always raw and weepy. I was on the verge of a meltdown because I got to a dead end and I didn't know what to do. I tried everything you could think of, pharmaceutical creams, homemade creams, homeopathy, Chinese and nothing worked. Went to visit Dr Williams and she cleared up after exactly a week of his treatment and all that is left now is the scaring from her scratching. I have my happy girl again. His treatment is awesome." 

Marie Edmonds

We take the girls to him for their eczema

"We take the girls to him for their eczema. He is honestly worth the trip and he is worth the wait."

Lucy Pakii

Eczema sufferer’s friend

"I remember when you took him to see this doctor, when I saw him next he was all cleared up and so happy and confident. It made me want to cry."

Eczema sufferer’s friend

In 2012 we took our boy to this Dr after years of steroids

"In 2012 we took our boy to this Dr after years of steroids, creams, huge doctor bills, full body wraps, hospital visits, antibiotics, raw skin, painful baths, itchiness, stares and more steroids. Our boy cleared up in less than a week. We only found him through a chance encounter at Auckland Zoo with a young couple who saw our son and recommended him. Dr Joe Williams ….amazing." 

Charlie Rahiri

This man changed my boy’s life

"This man changed my boy's life. My boy cleared up in 3 days." 

Eczema patient’s mother

Miracle worker within hours of visiting him

"Miracle worker within hours of visiting him my son's problem eczema disappeared. Saw skin specialist waste of money. Can't say enough about this good man. Thanks Dr Williams, Bula Vinaka from Fiji." 

Eczema patient’s mother

I was treated with the upmost respect

"I came to your clinic Dr Joe Williams, I was treated with the upmost respect from you and your staff. My experience was amazing your surgery was full to capacity. I want to say thank you from the bottom of our heart for giving me a straight diagnoses about my eczema. I felt so ugly, I felt so awful. Bless you and thank you it has been three weeks my skin feels smooth and I feel so well."

Eczema patient

35 weeks pregnant

Josie -Victor -Woon "Please pass on the hugest love and thank you to this amazing man. I have had eczema since I was 2, I'm now 37 and in the last 2 years it has been at its worst. I bought Dr Joe's book, got my doctor to make the cream and at last I have relief. I can sleep, my skin is calm, I can control my flare ups and I'm not embarrassed anymore.  I'm 35 weeks pregnant and hope that my baby does not get it but if he/ she does I feel I can control it from the beginning. He is amazing and I so wish more people knew about his amazing treatment. I am definitely preaching my success so hopefully others find relief too. Thank you Dr Joe from the bottom of my heart." 

Josie Victor-Woon

2 month update

Josie -Victor -Woon _2-months- "Hi all just want to update 2 months in and I have no eczema anywhere, sleep all night and feel amazing. My baby also has gorgeous skin so here's hoping he misses out on this. Love Dr Joe and all the good he is doing for so many people." 

Josie Victor-Woon

My son has suffered severely with eczema since he was a week old

"My son has suffered severely with eczema since he was a week old. We went to so many doctors and tried so many treatments but couldn't find the right solution for him. He's now 3 years old and I was at my regular doctors one day for him to get some new bandages for his open wounds and a mother there told me to see this Dr Williams. Well I just want to say thank you to that mother and to Dr Williams for the advice and solutions to help my lil man with his eczema. Life has been so much better for him since I met these people and I'm so grateful for your help. Finally getting a good night's sleep."

Eczema patient’s mother

Two of my children suffer very bad eczema and someone recommended Dr Williams

"Two of my children suffer very bad eczema and someone recommended Dr Williams. We went there and he tested their skin to see the kind of eczema they have and then sent us to get the cream which he mixed for their skin. My two children's eczema disappeared for good. Highly recommend to everybody."

Faamanuia Ama

My sister took her son and daughter to see Dr Joe

"My sister took her son and daughter to see Dr Joe, they had it really bad. Completely cleared, we have him to thank."

Eczema patient’s aunty

I took my son to Dr Williams in 2012 when I moved back to NZ

"I took my son to Dr Williams in 2012 when I moved back to NZ from Australia for a year and it was the best thing we ever did. My son's skin used to be raw and bleed, the poor thing would be scratching all through the night which meant not only sleepless nights for him but for my partner and me as well. I don't know how many creams we tried and used on him but would never get results. The day I saw Dr Williams, cut out the foods he recommended which aggravated the eczema and applied the cream it did wonders for my son. It has been over 3 years now and my sons skin is the best it's ever been."

K Rudolph S Ngawini

No word of a lie it completely cleared the next

"No word of a lie it completely cleared the next day and after going on the food diet and reintroducing food slowly it has never come back."

Rebecca Tavioni

My daughter is eczema free after many years struggling

"My daughter is eczema free after many years struggling with this skin disorder thanks to Dr Joe. Her skin was clear after 4 days of following his treatment. Thank you Dr Joe, you have changed her life and all of our lives."

Erica Week

A chance to recover

"Dr Joe was amazing - our son was covered in eczema as a young boy. After one appointment with Dr Joe his treatment gave our son's body a chance to recover and gave us the respite needed to work out the eczema triggers that were affecting our son. I will always be grateful to Dr Joe -he is amazing!"

Janet Vincent

Clear in 4 days

"I've taken my 14 month old son to him and his eczema was clear in 4 days I want to say thank you so so so much to Dr Joe Williams!!"

Katie Donaldson

Saw Dr Joe after Native Affairs story

"After watching the Native Affairs story & also being referred by various colleagues, we finally took Quinn to see Dr Joe Williams at his Mt Wellington Practice...a week since that initial consultation the difference really is night & day. I wish I'd taken before & after photos...the difference in Quinn's attitude & general temperament after & during the treatment is also amazing. Dr Williams talks some very common sense remedies, in particular the correlation between food allergies & eczema, an approach which is somewhat out of sync with the general medical fraternity. All I know is that he's getting results & I have a happier little boy for it.  If you or your child are having issues with eczema, you NEED to see this guy."

Eli Reupena

Best book I ever bought

"This is seriously the best book I have ever bought and the results if you follow the plan are amazing to say the least . If you think ahh just another story... It is not , this actually works and is the best for transforming our sufferers once and for all . DO NOT HESITATE, ORDER THE BOOK."

Lesley Davies

18 months of scratching

October - Stacey Lene"May I offer my sincere gratitude for Dr Williams' selflessness and empathy in so generously sharing his medical expertise concerning eczema.  After 18 months of scratching, bleeding and irritable sleeping, I can now say, that with a little dietary discipline, we have successfully eradicated eczema from her body."

Stacey Lene

A God send for eczema

"My daughter has eczema and her Aunty told us to see Dr Joe. I swear by his cream and I even had some brought over to Aussie because nothing works like Dr Joe's cream. It is a God send for eczema."

Naiomi George

Cutting citrus and tomatoes out

"Cutting citrus and tomatoes out of my daughters diet was the final piece we needed - and we learnt that from the book."

Monika Miller

Highly reccommend

"To anyone suffering from eczema, I would highly recommend Dr Joe's book. It will be the best investment you'll ever make."

Darlene Myra

He's our angel

"With over a year of really bad eczema I took my son to see Dr Joe few months ago and in 4 days it was 80% better. I can't thank him enough, it's amazing how it has changed all our lives. He's our angel."

Katie Donaldson

Seriously recommend to anyone suffering

"I have read this book and it's amazing. If you stick to what the book tells you to do then you won't ever have Eczema again. Fatty creams do not work along with other creams I've tried from my family Doctor but Dr Williams' book and cream mixture has worked like magic . It is hard to convince your family GP to prescribe it, as most Doctors do not agree with Dr Williams' approach to healing Eczema because of the use of steroids  in the cream and the list of foods to avoid. I don't know why..... If it works then why not try it?!! After using this cream I've never seen my skin this clear and moist before. Doctors may say an allergy test isn't necessary but they are wrong, certain foods are what actually cause the skin to flare up. Get an allergy test done even if your Doctor says there is no need to.  Seriously recommend this book to anyone suffering long term to try it! You won't regret it, trust me." 

Upu Mano'o Huch

I highly recommend you follow his guide

"This really works people. I purchased the book and got the recommended prescribed creams. I have suffered with eczema all my life. The results have been nothing short of amazing, I highly recommend you follow his guide."

Darlene Myra

Updated success

Josie -Victor -Woon "I have shared my before and after picture on Dr Joe's documentary and the Dr Joe website and Facebook before. I have been following the treatment package since May and feel amazing. Thought I would share an updated picture. Thank you so much, I can enjoy the summer not hiding my skin away."

Josie Victor-Woon

They don’t scratch anymore

"I took my kids to see Dr Williams and I'm so happy with the results. They don't scratch anymore."

Rocky Fenton

I wish I had found him 30 years ago

"I've suffered from eczema for 30 years and it's been a hard road from childhood to adulthood. Eczema destroyed my self-esteem. I have never seen my face this clear before and I have not had a smile on my face for so long. I now have more confidence and am happier thanks to this man Dr Joe Williams. I wish I had found him 30 years ago."

Tamla Ronelle O’Brien

The right solution for my son

"My son has suffered severely with eczema since he was a week old. We have tried many doctors and different treatments but couldn't find the right solution for him, until one day at my regular doctors when getting new bandages for my sons wounds a mother there told me to go and see Dr Williams. Well I just want to thank that mother and Dr Williams for the advice and the solution to my sons eczema. Life has been so much better for him. I am so grateful and we can all get a good night's sleep now."


Thanks for the great advice

"Thanks Dr Joe for all the great advice in your book. My GP refused to prescribe the cream in the book for my daughter but I still followed the rest of the plan. I stopped breast feeding and switched my daughter to soy baby formula and she is doing much better. She is a happy baby with no more itching now."Aifiti -before -and -after

Aifiti Viane-Evaga

No regrets

"My daughter had been dealing with different levels of eczema for a year; we had tried every cream and antibiotics that the doctor and specialist gave her but she had no improvement. It was keeping her eczema manageable but that's not the result we were after. After many sleepless nights applying three different creams up to five times a day, we made the trip to Auckland to see this amazing doctor that we had done a lot of research on. We had heard from real people about their results and were told to 'make the trip, you have nothing to lose'. Well I could not be happier with the positive outcome of our trip to see Dr Joe Williams. We saw amazing results after only two days of being on his treatment plan. Six days on and her eczema has never been better. I am usually a very sceptical person and don't believe everything I see online, but I had to share what this amazing man has done for our whanau.  If you or your child/children suffer with Eczema invest in Dr Joe Williams' book, you will not regret it."

Kayla Hunter

I didn't think it was possible

Eczema free I didn't think it was possible, but it is thank you Dr Williams. You won't remember us with all the patients you see, but you changed our lives. My daughter doesn't scratch she sleeps at night this is all because of your treatment. I also want to thank you for your kindness when we come back with flare ups, I hadn't been strict with the diet, you knew this and pointed us back in the right direction.

Brenda Spicer‎

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